Classic Cars

Speed Thrills

From a classic to the latest luxury automobile, loud noises, such as the revving of an engine, are likely to have an arousing effect on an individuals physiology. This summer, we will go all out to begin our conversations about cars - classic cars that is.

James Bond's Aston Martin

We are very fond of them (especially the English types) because for the most part, these old luxury vehicles were completely streamlined, fashionable - from the city to the country side. What makes a great car a great car? Each one of us may come up with a different answer, but one thing for sure, a great car contains this fait accompli, instead of the "xerox copy models" that most of us have to contend with.  Some may go further and say that when it comes to classic cars, what they truly admire about them are the curves, the arousing sounds, or the car's originality.  And that would be true.  At the end of the day, we will always go for originality, especially when it comes to luxury items.  And despite the global downturn, wealthy car lovers have not been deterred from ordering even the latest luxury models.

 1961 Ferrari Convertible

 1966 MGB, and a 1962 MGA
Aston Martin circa 1950s
Maserati A6G 1955

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