Orient-Express: Old Fashion Decadence

Art Deco Splendor aboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

The Orient Express is the sort of train against all other luxury trains are measured by.  Old world glamour, a moving art deco museum, bewitching elegance, it's quite easy to see why it's the most celebrated train.

In the bar car, which was originally built in 1931 for the Simplon-Orient-Express, and today is known as the Piano Bar Car, re-designed in 1981 by French designer Gérard Gallet.
In 1927, Albert Dunn designed this flower basket marquetry which is mounted above a table in
this Etoile du Nord dining car.

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Ltd
20 Upper Ground 
SE1 9PF 
United Kingdom 

This detail of a trio of molded and acid-decorated glass panels, and mounted in Cuban mahogany, were designed by Lalique in 1928, and completed in 1929.

I look for the day when I will plan that perfect romantic vacation on the Orient Express.   I hear that they are now accepting reservations for 2012.
Looks like now is the time to plan ahead.

 Images courtesy of Oriented Express Trains and Cruises, 
Venice Simplon Orient Express and Modern Magazine.

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