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We thought now is a good time as any to go over the ins and outs of our blog. Since January 2012, we’ve been publishing our posts every Monday and Friday. Our team is listening closely to what you’re interested in, and that is why we’re focusing more on Decorative and Fine Arts, Art Fairs, and a number of other Social Gatherings. We’re also redirecting our posts towards Fashion, Auction Houses, and Interior Design. Look for more interviews (we’ll be featuring two this month, to make up for January) from some key players in the Art, Design, and Fashion industries.

Vyna St. Phard

I encourage you to get familiar with the side bar on the left side of your screen. The Calendar of Events section is our special corner which includes a list of Cultural Events, i.e.: Art and Furniture Fairs, Interior Design Events, Charities and much more. Contact us at pr@vspdesigninc.com, if you’d like to have your events highlighted under this section.

Next is a list of our proud advertisers, and sponsors. Then comes a box with a poster from Tamika Limpika. She is our introduction to our Amazon Store called Au Marché. The items chosen are based on our readers interests in moderately priced, and fine jewelries. Gourmet foods, luxurious candles, men and women fashion, accessories from Tom Ford, and others.
Skipping down a few boxes, you will find a box titled Media Kit. This is our way of introducing ourselves to you, and to let you know about our mission. Send us an email, if you wish to have a hard copy of the Media Kit. By clicking into the townhouse image, you will be directed to my design firm, VSP DESIGN INC. Judging from the frequency of our blog posts for the last 10 months, many people have asked me if I’m still involved in Interior Design. The answer is yes. High End Weekly™ is the Media side of my business. VSP DESIGN INC. is still operating as a full service interior design firm, which specializes in high end residential design.

The Déco Privé box is placed prominently on the top, side, and bottom of the blog. Among other things, Art Deco and its influence in the 20th and 21st Century is obviously being discussed there. But Déco Privé is also a private, invite-only club for high end art, luxury furniture dealers, as well as professional individuals who share my aesthetic style and taste.

I love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to contact me directly at highendweekly@vspdesigninc.com. I welcome your input and ideas.



UPDATE: The outline of our blog has been slightly modified since this posting. 3/25/12

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