The Age of Elegance

The very first time I came across an herringbone floor, I believe I was visiting Paris, as a young child. How impressive it all looked back then! I also remembered seeing them at Versailles, in the Sun King's bedroom. Wait!

Photos via 3232 Broadway

Photo by Semsa Bilge. via 97 Sullivan

Herringbones floors have this certain elegance about them, and it isn't hard to see why they're wildly popular worldwide. Especially in houses of some "importance". I came across several of such houses, this week, while I was touring a few of the galleries during Asia Week. But it is the first remembrance of such floors that guided me through writing this post.

Photo via 97 Sullivan
Perry Street apartment from the set of Sex and the City, via Forbes

Or was it in the hallways, or Hall of Mirrors? Nowadays, whenever I come across them, a feeling of a nostalgia comes over me. I've enjoyed putting these images together. Hopefully they will make you look at herringbone in a different light. They may cost a small fortune, but who can put a price on class?

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