Footloose and Fancy Free - Donghia's Spring Collection

Two weeks ago, I went to the preview of Donghia's Spring Collection at the DD Building. Andrea Rubelli, Donghia's CEO, was present with his creative director, and all in attendance were dazzled by their stunning footloose and fancy free collection! There was so much to take in (you can have a look at some of my "snapshots" on Facebook). We even had the opportunity to touch and feel their past collections, and the history of Rubelli as a leading textile manufacture in Italy resonated even more, once I witnessed their archives. I particularly liked the inky dusk-time hues of the Rubino and Cina fabrics (Images 1, and 2). It's dark and poetic, with amazing movement! Perfectly suitable for a summer house, or a weekend cottage. The abstracted clusters of blooms reveal a murky romantic splendor hiding in the shadows.

                     1 and 2       




Their vinyl wall covering - Quadrato (Image 3) - was incredibly "sexy", and the subtle squares on top of a three-dimensional pattern create a pleasantly structured base that I found intensely alluring. The Minerva (Image 4) cushion is thrown in for good measure as a perfect balance and compliment to the wallpaper.

I favored Witty (Image 5) because of its bold stripe that is augmented by its large scale and vibrant colors. I love decorating with stripes (my own dining room's walls are covered with Peter Fasano's Roman stripes wallpaper), and Witty offers lots of possibilities, with its six bright contrasting colors. When used for upholstery, drapery and decorative applications, this fabric will surely add gusto to any space!

Photos courtesy Donghia
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