Macy's Flower Show

Wondering what to do this weekend? Why not head to Brazil. Oh, I meant Harold Squares. Gardens of Paradise is the name of this year Macy's Flower Show. So escaping to Brazil has never been so easy. Instead of its usual 1st floor location, this year, the show is being held inside a tent located outside of 34th Street and Broadway (the first floor is being renovated). Be entertained by samba music as you patiently wait on queue, and try not to be discouraged by the long line.
Macy's 38th Annual Flower Show
Photo courtesy Macy's Inc.

 Belize national bird
 Keel-billed Toucan
Mid century mission-style villages rooftop 
 Garden entrance ...
 ... into a flower spectacle
View from the outside
Inner courtyard

Photos courtesy High End Weekly

Once you step inside the tent, paradise is yours, and you can take however long you wish. I was captured by the sensation of the Amazon rain forests, the exotic keel-billed toucan, and the featured gardens with towering palms, Roberto Burle Marx' stunning curvaceous gardens with swriling mosaic walkways, and the guzmania bromeliads's surrounding the towering modern architecture of brasilia by Oscar Niemeyer. Believe me, paved paradise never looked so gorgeous! The Macy's Flower Show is from Sunday, March 25 - Saturday, April 7, 2012. For further information visit their website here.

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