The New York School of Interior Design's Chairman Spring Luncheon

The New York School of Interior Design is having some pretty amazing lectures this spring. One such event is Regan Fletcher: An Insider's Guide to the Interiors of Shubert Theater. Reagan Fletcher is a longtime archivist of The Shubert Archive and co-author of Shuberts Present: 100 Years of the American Theatre. He is scheduled to talk about this subject tonight at 6 PM.

Pictured: Duane Hampton, Patricia Sovern

I was delighted to be invited to the Chairman luncheon last week where all in attendance had the rare opportunity to listen to a short presentation by the man himself. Fletcher touched upon the history as well as the interiors and restoration of various Shubert theaters located in the heart of Times Squares. His exhibition is beautifully curated, and is not to be missed by Broadway enthusiasts and those of us with a penchant for great architecture.

Inge Heckel, Katie Ridder, Betsy Ruprecht

Vyna St Phard, Cynthia Hazen Polsky, and Karen Hsu
Karen Hsu, David Sprouls
Louise Kerz Hirschfeld, Reagan Fletcher, Patricia Schoenfeld
Belasco Theather

Photos courtesy The New York School of Interior Design

Fletcher has brought together a selection of archival photographs and design documents that show the sumptuous interiors of the Shubert Organization’s seventeen Broadway theatres, focusing on the historic restorations of the Barrymore, the Belasco, the Longacre, the Shubert, and the Winter Garden. Nowadays, the Winter Garden houses one of my favorite show, Mama Mia! But whenever I pass by this iconic building, I can't help but remember the times I went to see Cats over the years, and the memories, and emotions that show still manages to evoke within me.

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