Musée Louvre: Staircases as Art

In old England, staircases were the quintessential status symbol for those grand old mansions. Nowadays, homes and museums are no exceptions. One look at this grandiose piece of architecture confirmed that I.M. Pei is still on top of his game as a master architect.
Photo credit Hemis/Alamy for the BBC

I.M. Pei's staircases, via Richard Banks

The controversial 71ft glass pyramid is a wonderful addition to the the iconic Louvre Museum. I read in the BBC that this is yet another controversial piece and I wondered why that is. Several years back, when he designed the now famous pyramid, visitors as well as the press were all up in arms about it. As it turned out, it became one of the most sought after locations at the Louvre. This staircase, which leads visitors down to the Louvre's subterranean plaza is no exception.

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