Fernand Léger: The Original Granddaddy of Pop Art

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Fernand Léger 
With all the glory that later came as being a blue chip artist, Fernand Léger's career spans from early investigations of painting as a means of capturing modern sensations in abstract and near abstract dynamic compositions to heroic images of common life in terms that admit their debt to the great tradition of French classicism and to folk art.

Adam and Eve, 1934, Fernand Léger. Image via ARTinvestment

His paintings affirmed contemporary life as well as art's energies. After years of admiring the granddaddy of pop art, I was able to collect (via the power of Google, of course) dozens of his art work - the ones that spoke directly to me.

Fernand Léger
Fernand Léger
Composition, 1940 - 1942, oil on canvas - Fernand Léger
Image via 1artclub
Fernand Léger
Face and Hands, 1952, Ink on paper - Fernand Léger
Image via MOMA
Jazz, Fernand Léger
Tres mujeres, 1921, oil on canvas - Fernand Léger
Image via MOMA
Untitled, 1950, Lithograph - Fernand Léger
Image via Léger Prints
Cirque, Original Lithograph, Fernand Léger
Femme a genou "Pochoir", 1929, Fernand Léger
Image via WearePrivate
 La Lecture, 1924, Fernand Léger
Image via Centre Pompidou

This is the first of three posts about Léger's work. Fernand Léger (1881 - 1955) was a French painter, son of a Norman cattle-breeder. He was a trained architect who moved to Paris at the turn of the 20th Century. While living in the city of lights, he studied painting, moved in the social circle of the great artists at that time: Apollinaire, the Delaunays and the poet Cendras. His art was deeply influenced by Cézanne. After the showing of his first major paintings in 1911, he developed his form of Cubism, dominated contrasts of form and color, positive and negative, at times in abstract compositions.

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Condos Downtown Austin said...

I'm not really into paintings but there is something about Pop Art that makes them more interesting than traditional paintings Leger's The City was an inspiration for color combinations. My sister's condominium unit interior design was inspired from that painting. It was a pleasure to see more of his works on your site. Cheers!

Vyna St Phard said...

Your sister's apartment must be a sight to behold since it was inspired by colors from Leger's painting - The City!

Do check back with us, as we plan on having more posts of his work.


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