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Throughout the 20th century, the products, styles, theories and philosophies of design have become evermore diverse. No doubt this was due to the growing complexity of the design process, and the changing taste of the costumer. In the last century, design has existed as a major feature of culture and everyday life. It was seen as an instrument for improving the quality of life. I have a special fondness for decorative arts from the 1950s because it was a period of renewal and optimism in America.

Jacaranda Lounge Chairs from Brazil, circa 1970s
from R20th

Designers and artists were creating some of the most memorable art and objects. New materials such as plastic laminates, latex foam, fiberglass shaped the look of the mid 20th century. Designers were appealing to consumers' growing aspirations by producing streamlined and forward-looking products that were the embodiment of the American Dream. The home became the very focus of that dream, and designers helped to shape it.

Alexander Calder Tapestry, France, circa 1970's
"Le Lezard et le Tetard", Woven at Ateliers Pinton - Aubusson
from Vojtech Blau

Left: Malatesta and Mason, Armchair, Leather and Walnut, circa 1960. 
Right: Kaiva textile for Marimekko, c. 1964

Duilio Barnabé, Portrait, circa 1961
Coffee table with glass top on a light grey mahogany base by Irina A. Klepper, circa 1950s

Jumo Bakelite streamlined lamp for Jumo Brevette, Paris, circa 1945

Maurice Calka, Boomerang desk for Leuleu-Deshays, 1970

Today a new generation is discovering and appreciating mid-20th-century art and design. Worldwide, this trend can be found in some of the most diverse spaces. I am quite partial to it since it was so glamorous, so stream-lined, so chic! If you share the same sentiment, then there is no better place to be than at the inaugural New York 20th Century Art and Design fair by 1stDibs. This event will take place under the tent at Lincoln Center in Damrosch Park from Friday, April 13th until Sunday, the 15th. There will be an early buying preview party on Thursday, April 12th. 1stDibs plan on showcasing 20th century art and design at its best. On view will be a highly curated selection of furniture, lighting, sculpture, paintings, jewelry, silver, glass, ceramics, photography, textiles, tapestries, prints, vintage clothing and accessories. It' is time to fall for modern love.

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Julie said...

Dear Vyna,

I'm looking forward to going to this event. I'm sure it's going to be beautiful. It's time to finally meet.

Kiss to you,

Vyna St Phard said...

I cannot wait to see you too Julie at the Mid 20th Century Art + Design Fair. Until then!


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