Kips Bay Designer Show House - Part 1 of 3

40th Annual Decorator Show House 2012
The Aldyn Residences

While many will concentrate on the well deserved Albert Hadley tribute which those three design masters pulled together with a vitality that is so rarely seen in a room, I found it hard to take my eyes off from the gorilla in the room - Le Courbusier' tapestry which adroitly anchored the room.
Brian J. McCarthy Inc., Bunny Williams Inc. and David Kleinberg Design Associates
Living Room tribute to Albert Hadley

This tapestry is rarer than one thinks since Le Corbusier designed a total of fifty tapestries of which thirty eight are in France and twelve in Chandigarh. This one most likely made its way to the US by means of some public auction.

Catherine Walsifer

Raji Radhakrishman's Le Bureau Privé
The Curator's Office

Raji Radhakrishnan

Custom made red Zig Zag table stands as a tribute to the late designer Albert Hadley

Raji Radhakrishnan is the type of designer that draws her clients in by using her charm, openness, skills, and genuine love for art and design. Being a museum hopper as well, I strongly identified with her subject matter - The Metropolitan Museum of Art. This home office for The Met's Head Curator stems from Raji's love for art and how she envisioned the various pieces that a Met curator would want to surround his or herself with. And what are they? Ancient and modern art, classical and contemporary architecture, fashion and the performing arts. She carefully chose furnishings dating back from the Secessionist, Art Deco and Modernist periods to the present day contemporary ones. I absolutely LOVED the Jules Leleu chairs from Maison Gerard.
Susan Zises Green, Inc. ASID
The Living Room: Soothing Surroundings Inspired by the Flow of The Hudson

If only my current projects called for this enormous sunburst mirror which drew me into the room even more... This showstopper is a reflection of the bright, lightness of the room, and it is simply glorious.
Available through Susan Zises Green at 212-710-5388.

Susan Zises Green's room overlooked the peaceful flow of the Hudson River, and her color scheme is as soothing as nature itself. She envisioned this room as a grand living space for a newly married couple - and the furniture that you see are the combined efforts of two hearts which now beat as one. "Storage lockers opened and trucks were dispatched to collect the bounty within." Unlike what we sometimes experience with large spaces, the soaring ceiling compliment instead of overwhelm the carefully selected furniture, textile choices and art pieces. Susan's room is adjacent to Patrik Lönn's dinning room, and the harmony between them ought to be explored and absorbed.

Jamie Drake
The Library

Jamie Drake in front of an Andy Harper painting from Danese Gallery
Jamie Drake loves Print!

When I first met Jamie Drake a week before the decorator house was opened to the public, I was delighted to witness the enthusiasm that he showed for his latest project, his passion for books which he sees as a lost art, but holds ever so dear. I'm in total accord with these ideas. With all the modern gadgets at our disposals, thumbing through a good book is my choice and preference.

The idea behind this library was to create a sophisticated retreat for the book lover, and philosopher as they surround themselves with lacquered spruce green millwork that is contemporary, yet with a retro feel. These custom chairs are über chic and inviting. Along with the custom sofa they were inspired by a Maison Jansen design from the 1940s. The trims on the chairs, and the textile choices for the pillows are immaculate and compliment the lacquered wall to an exact science. 

The Kips Bay Boys & Girls 
Photography by Monica Rich Kosann

Laura Bohn Design Associates
Kidz Rule

About one or two years ago, Laura Bohn designed a room for the Showtime House in which she displayed her interpretation of the hit show, Nurse Jackie. The representation was as real and believable as this children room that brought a flutter to my heart and big smile to my face. When you do visit, make sure you get to feel the white textured walls as you enter the room. The entire space is just too cool for school.

Thom Filicia Inc.
The Gallery

Thom Filicia Home Collection purple haze area rug for Safavieh
Did you notice the sketches on the right? They're Albert Hadley sketches courtesy of Bunny Williams

James Rixner Interior Design
The Family Room & Kitchen

James Rixner

No one can argue that there wasn't enough green in the house this year, but that color choice did not saturate the interiors. Thank goodness for that! In James Rixner's family room, I saw some of the accessories that I've come to appreciate over years, the metamorphosis floor lamp from Niedermaier, as well their Peter Ambrose sculpture and pedestal. Velvety soft pillow fabrics from Schumacher felt good to the touch, and the simple, yet elegant flowers looked incredibly well in their surroundings.

Robert Schwartz and Karen Williams for St Charles
"Too Hot To Handle" Hot Design in a Cool Space

The kitchen was designed by award winning designers Karen Williams and Robert Schwartz

The Murano glass light fixture overlooking this vast kitchen stood out like no ones business. And that was a good thing. The latest effort from the designing duo, Karen Williams and Robert Schwartz was not what I would call an inviting kitchen, even though it had all the "right fittings". Recognized brands like the flamberge rotisserie from La Cornue, faucets from Frantini USA, counter tops from New England Stone were overshadowed by the fabulous 1940s Murano glass tulip fixture which was a sight to behold.

Chuck Fisher Studio, Inc.
The Writing Room

Being that I am not a true fan of  trompe l'oeil, I was surprised how well I took to it this time around - both in this room, and Charlotte Moss' master bedroom suite (which I'll discuss in part 2 of my Kips Bay coverage). Chuck Fisher used some clever brush strokes to illustrate a fantastical world filled with endearment and warmth.

Patrik Lönn Design Inc.
A Room For Supper

Patrik Lönn and friend

With much European flair and soft music in the background, Patrik created a sophisticated, yet casual room which evoked a strong feeling of romance and celebrated friendship. I loved the rich and exquisite materials that he used, like the grass cloth wallpaper, the textured rug, the silk taffeta window treatments, the soft linen that were chosen for the table, the stunning flower arrangement from my favorite florist, L'Olivier, and of course, the carefully curated art work. The modern feel of this dinning room exemplified what a romantic setting should look like - intimate and joyful.

Shawn Henderson Interior Design
A Sensual Playroom

Pieces like the Mercury Daybed, the Carbon Stools, and the luxe swing from the Amalgam Collection, made up a relaxing, yet reinvigorating space.
Shawn Henderson next to a Mario Dal Fabbro sculpture from Maison Gerard

This room is as warm and approachable as the designer himself. The rich textures found throughout the interiors of Shawn Henderson's project were supple, and quite stunning in appearance. As soon as I saw the swing by the window, I wanted to get whisk away to a world without care, and only concern myself with beauty and environmental responsibilities. Throughout his design career, Shawn has been known to respect the environment in every sense of the word by using craftsmen whose work is true to their art forms, working with sustainable materials, and using vintage furnishings and products that are honestly produced and well-made. 

Lynne Scalo Design
After the Party

Lynne Scalo

The collaboration between Lynne Scalo and photographer Norman Seeff payed off well with these two iconic figures, Andy Warhol and Steve Jobs. It's no secret that Andy Warhol was all business, and turned his art towards commercialism in a big way. While the quintessential businessman Steve Jobs courted a generation of computer nerds with detailed art form in every piece of technology that Apple ever came out with.

Vintage Blenko glass designs from www.vmglasshouse.com

Brian Del Toro Inc

What a jeweled box! That is how I saw this study with its hard edge, avant garde mirror, hand-painted walls, glistering table lamps, and glamorous fabrics to die for. At first glance, the parchment chairs (pictured above) looked uncomfortable, but turned out to be two of the most functional chairs in the house.

Brian Del Toro

Patricia Grever Quackenbush

Mark Hampton LLC

Alexa Hampton

Wow x 3. This bedroom, designed by Alexa Hampton, was extremely impressive. Most of the rooms in Kips Bay this year had lacquered walls since the designers wanted to bring on the glamor with full force's credibility. I liked the sentimental approach that she took by incorporating some of the most minute details. True, a bedroom is the most intimate place in a house, and this well designed hideaway lived up to the hype.

Scott Sanders
The Cabana

Scott Sander's Cabana was too precious for words. I wanted to wrap it up and take it home with me. The designer's personality is just as fun, and easy going. A couple of years back, he did a Family Room for the Hamptons Show house, and I had the same feelings then that I do right now. At least Scott stays consistent, eventhough his design skills keeps on growing every time.

Neil Beckstedt Studio
The Conservatory

Neil Beckstedt's room faced the pool on the 20th floor (the house has two floors, with a pool in each balcony), and at certain times throughout the day, you could see the waves of the water reflecting on the walls. That image creates a sense of calmness which the overall room seem to emanate so well. For me, this was a Time Out sort of room, when you need to decompress from the difficulties of a crazy day.

Neil Beckstedt

Alexander Doherty Design
A Collector's Bedroom

Alexander Doherty

Fine arts and decorative arts adorned the walls and floors of this Collector's Bedroom. There was so many bedrooms this year in the house, that if one had a choice as to where to sleep for the night, I imagine it would be a hard decision. The art work displayed in Alexander Doherty's room were strong, and dominated the space. A bit intimidating, I thought. But collectors like to surround themselves with art that best describe their personalities.


Members of the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club
Left: Thom Felicia and friends
Color painting with Benjamin Moore
Katherine Scully from Luxe Magazine, and Susan Zises Green
The staff of House Beautiful

Photos courtesy High End Weekly
All rights reserved


The 40th Annual Decorator Show House opened this past Wednesday, and will run until June 14th. This is an absolutely MUST SEE show house with flawless decor and complete harmony. This post is the 1st of 3 posts on Kips Bay, so get ready for part two which will discuss the works of these three designers: Charlotte Moss, David Scott, and Charles Pavarini III. The Show House hours are: Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 11-5 p.m., Tuesday & Thursday 11-8 p.m., and Sunday 12-5 p.m. Additional information on the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club and the Decorator Show House is available at www.kipsbay.org and 212-755-5733. A daily complimentary shuttle service will be available between the Park Avenue Armory (Park & 66th Street) to the Decorator Show house, every hour on the hour starting at 11:00 AM until 3:00 PM.



Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club and Hearst Design Group will have a series of lecture titled “The Best Of” to be hosted by Sotheby’s and run concurrent with the dates of the 40th Decorator Show House, May 16 through June 14, 2012. Named for the caliber of speaker and subject of their individual choosing, the series will feature influential interior designers Miles Redd and Bunny Williams, gardening expert P. Allen Smith, Winterthur Museum’s Tom Savage, designer Hutton Wilkinson and Verdura CEO Ward Landrigan. Additional lectures will be announced shortly along with details of the exclusive wine tasting event with Eli Rodriquez on May 31, 2012.

The $75 ticket per lecture (or $150 for a package of three) will include an on-site lunch or cocktail reception, depending on the hour, as well as entry and a shuttle service to the Show House, located at The Aldyn on Riverside Boulevard between 62nd and 63rd Street.
  • Monday, May 21st at 11 a.m.—Hutton Wilkinson presents “Tony Duquette, More is More”: At eighteen, Hutton Wilkinson began an apprenticeship under the great American design icon, Tony Duquette, and continued to work and collaborate on a myriad of projects with him over the next twenty-five years. In 1994, Wilkinson and Duquette officially became business partners and a few years later, launched a collection of one-of-a-kind, fine jewelry for Bergdorf Goodman, adored by the public, fashion press and used by Tom Ford, Gucci, Oscar de la Renta, and more. Since the passing of Mr. Duquette in 1999, Wilkinson as owner, creative director and president of Tony Duquette Inc. has continued to design and market his unique fine jewelry pieces as well as a collection of home furnishings, textiles, custom lighting products and hand made carpets and tapestries for other brands as well as tabletop accessories and interior decorations as “Tony Duquette” and Tony Duquette Inc. Hutton’s book “Tony Duquette” which he co-authored with Wendy Goodman, chronicles the great designer’s life and oeuvre (Abrams, 2007); “More Is More, Tony Duquette” (Abrams, 2009) is the companion volume. During the lecture, Wilkinson will bring the audience through this visual tale of Tony Duquette’s personal design philosophy and the artistic credo that inspired him to create his fanciful artwork, sculptures, jewelry, gardens and interiors.
  • Tuesday, May 22nd at 11 a.m.—Bunny Williams presents “Making the Home Come to Life”: Bunny Williams is a designer with a modern vision, a sense of history and the confidence to take the unexpected path. Both a trailblazer and a tastemaker, Williams’ style is classic but never predictable. Currently, Bunny Williams has a thriving design practice, Bunny Williams Inc. formed in 1988, and a widely acclaimed home furnishings collection, BeeLine Home, launched in 2008. With her husband, antiques dealer John Rosselli, Williams owns Treillage Ltd., two unique decorative home and garden shops in New York. She is the author of On Garden Style, Affair with a House, Bunny Williams’ Point of View and currently in her fourth book, “Scrapbook for Living” published by Stewart, Tabori & Chang in November 2010, Williams’ offers inspiring tips for organizing and personalizing a home. “No matter how beautiful a home, be it large or small, the real magic happens when the door opens and one is welcomed into a home with soft lighting, delicious scents, offerings of drinks and food, sitting groups arranged for easy conversation. With planning and organization this becomes effortless.”
  • Wednesday, May 30th at 11 a.m.—P. Allen Smith presents “Natural Elegance at Moss Mountain Farm”: The award-winning designer, gardening and lifestyle expert P. Allen Smith will share how his life and travels inspire his work. He is the host of two public television programs, P. Allen Smith's Garden Home, P. Allen Smith’s Garden to Table and the syndicated 30-minute show P. Allen Smith Gardens and is the author of the best-selling Garden Home series of books published by Clarkson Potter/Random House, including Bringing the Garden Indoors: Container, Crafts and Bouquets for Every Room and the recently published cookbook, P. Allen Smith’s Seasonal Recipes from the Garden.
  • Wednesday, May 30th at 6 p.m.—Iris Apfel and Dara Caponigro present “A Conversation About Style and Design": VERANDA Editor-in-Chief Dara Caponigro will ask Iris Apfel about her lasting impact on style in the worlds of interior design and fashion, from her founding of iconic fabric house Old World Weavers to her status as one of today's most recognizable fashion icons.
  • Thursday, May 31st at 11 a.m.—Ward Landrigan presents “Verdura and Women of Style”: Celebrated jewelry expert, historian and Verdura Chairman, CEO and Co-Owner Ward Landrigan will focus on the life and career of 20th century jeweler Duke Fulco di Verdura and the style and glamour of the iconic women who made his jewelry famous. The archive of almost ten thousand designs Fulco left behind tells the intriguing story of these legendary style-makers...a story of love, humor, and style. Mr. Landrigan’s own interest in jewelry began in high school when he interned for a local jeweler and continued with his studies at the Courtauld Institute of Fine Arts in London and the Gemological Institute of America. He started his career at Sotheby’s auction house where, by age 24, was head of the jewelry department. Landrigan first heard Verdura’s name when he did an appraisal for Lily Pons in Texas in 1965 and was immediately drawn to the innate style and artistry of a particular piece: a shooting star set with pavé diamonds. When Mr. Landrigan left Sotheby’s in 1973 to form his own estate jewelry business, he bought and sold pieces from many of the world’s great jewelry designers. Nevertheless, Verdura remained his favorite.
  • Thursday, May 31st at 6 p.m.—Wine Tasting with Eli Rodriguez: Space is limited! Eli is originally from Long Island and became interested in wine while studying at Cornell University. He learned the wine business, first at Best Cellars, then as a sommelier at Restaurant Daniel, working for one of the greatest chefs and most professional restaurateurs, Daniel Boulud, before joining Sotheby’s as an auction specialist in 2006. He was appointed as the Manager of Retail Sales when Sotheby’s launched their new, full service, retail wine business, Sotheby’s Wine, in September 2010.
  • Friday, June 1st at 11 a.m.—Miles Redd presents “Fashion and Inspiration in Interior Design”: The internationally acclaimed interior design sensation, known for his quirky brand of cozy glamour will speak to his unique aesthetic vision characterized by a mélange of high and low, invigorated with whimsical splashes of color and modern gestures. Drawing on inspirations ranging from Richard Avedon fashion photographs to Rene Gruau illustrations, Redd has crafted interiors for a wide array of venues. His trademark approach to design has brought to life rooms infused with boldness, fantasy, and sophistication. Miles Redd embarked on his interior design career after graduating from NYU, honing his skills with luminary antiques dealer John Rosselli and decorator Bunny Williams. In 1998 he opened his own design firm in New York City’s NoHo neighborhood.
  • Tuesday, June 5th at 11 a.m.—Tom Savage presents "Addicted to Old Houses: Iconic Rooms and Influential Interiors": Winterthur’s director of museum affairs will lead a lively tour of historic interiors at home and abroad that have influenced and shaped his career. The Winterthur Museum is the former Delaware home of Henry Francis du Pont (1880-1969), the avid antiques collector and horticulturist. Today, Savage oversees the collections, exhibitions, public programs and marketing and communications departments. From November 1998 until August 2005, he served as Senior Vice President and Director of Sotheby’s Institute of Art for North and South America where he directed The Sotheby’s American Arts Course, an intensive nine-month professional training program in American fine and decorative arts of the seventeenth century to the present. He was also responsible for public programming, lecture series and travel programs for Sotheby’s. 
Underwritten by Hearst Design Group, proceeds from ticket sales will go directly to Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club offering innovative programs to more than 12,000 young people between the ages of 6 and 18 at ten locations throughout the Bronx. The Club is one of the most prominent and responsive youth development agencies in New York City and a “flagship” of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Over the course of four decades, the Show House has raised more than $17 Million and grown into a “must destination” for thousands of design enthusiasts as it is recognized for launching interior design trends throughout the world. Tickets available by calling 212-755-5733.

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