Time To Throw In The Towel!


All over the United States, thousands of people are making a beeline towards the water this Memorial Day Weekend. Since this is the time that sets the stage for summer, my first thought was, would I be able to wear my favorite hot bikini to the beach: the inspirational object of my non-regular workouts? Well, sad to say, but all my efforts have been in vain ... heavy sigh ... 

Pier8 Green

Even though I won't be able to slip into my mellow yellow two-piece wonder, I can still look great at the beach when I sprawl in the sun wrapped in one of these AB FAB beach towels from Schlossbert.

Main Blue
Seashell Black
Maresole Yellow
Santorini Blue

Beach towels from Schlossbert Switzerland

Images courtesy Schlossbert Textil AG
All rights reserved

Who said that Switzerland was neutral (rightly known for their timepieces, now their beach towels, too). I mean, look at all those fun vibrant colors! These towels are modern, bold, colorful, hip, and a guaranteed attention grabber. When I laid eyes on the blue santorini and black seashell, I was struck by how in line they were with my design aesthetics. They set the right tone for my picnic basket, along with a bottle of bubbly, and my Waterford Christal glasses (Yes! Chrystal glasses at the beach. Don't tell the authorities). Let the summer festivities commence!

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