Masterpiece London

Third time's the charm. Masterpiece London, will open for the third year at the South Grounds of The Royal Hospital Chelsea, on Thursday, June 28th until Wednesday, July 4th, 2012. A Preview will take place on June 27. This fair has become popular for its astonishingly broad range and fusion of disciplines. For example, in addition to the finest works from classical antiquity, ethnographica, furniture, ceramics, Renaissance bronzes, paintings, furniture and jewelry, one will can also expect one-off bespoke works of art, be it a Rolls Royce or Harley Davidson, made specifically for the fair.
Merrin Egyptian Mask

Masterpiece London aims for the best of the best in all categories, ancient or modern. Hence visitors, who come to look for watches, vintage cars or fine wine, will engage with extraordinary masterworks that they might never otherwise had the opportunity to see.

Safani Egyptian Cat

Photos courtesy Masterpiece London

Sixteen leading galleries from the United States have signed on this exciting exhibition. Returning to Masterpiece London are Kentshire, Michele Beiny, Les Enluminures, Safani Gallery, Elle Shushan, favorites like Tambaran Gallery, The Silver Fund, and A La Vielle Russie. The new kids on the block are: Collisart, The Merrin Gallery, Fred Leighton, Siegelson, Sebastian + Barquet, and Sperone Westwater & Alberto di Castro, all New York-based galleries. Not only will a visitor to Masterpiece London 2012 be spoilt by a trove of magnificent exhibits to discover, there will also be a complimentary education programme of informative lectures offered by leading experts, including those from The Wallace Collection in London. Besides the expertise of these authorities, Masterpiece London visitors will have the opportunity to draw on the knowledge of the exhibitors themselves, each of whom has a well-informed background in their fields.


Stephan Y. said...

Great article. I will pop down to Chelsea and take a look. Tickets are only £20 it seems.

Although it says "courtesy of Masterpiece", I think that the first artwork is actually from the Merrin Gallery?

Vyna St Phard said...

Hello Stephan,

Have a great time at the fair!
We would love to see your snap shots, if you're able to share them with us.

All the photos were provided by Masterpiece London's PR firm, therefore the copyright belongs to them.

Stephan Y. said...

I guess so. I will send you if I take any good shots.

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