Memorable Actors: Lucy Liu as Dr. Watson!

Hey Ya! In addition to being one hell of an actress, Lucy Liu is also a producer and singer. And now she is set to star as Dr. Watson on the upcoming CBS Television series of Sherlock Holmes. How forward thinking! Admittedly, my husband is more apt to watch Sherlock Holmes then I am, but I tell you this, I'll be tuning in for her. No doubt that CBS is thinking of their ratings (as we all are), and is betting that by taking this iconic franchise to a radical new direction, will give them some much needed boost.
Lucy Liu

I'm in tremendous favor of the new twist on this high brow plot. For this time around, most of the rules, as well as the landscape have been changed. Instead of its traditional London town, Sherlock Holmes will be making the world a little bit safer - right here in our beloved New York City.

 The Asian-American actress looks lovely in this haute couture gown by Chanel
Lucy Liu in London
 Ready for her close up
On the set of her latest project, CBS' Modern Day Sherlock Holmes
Classical and Magical
Red Hot
On and off the red carpet
Lucy Liu

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