Steven Gambrel for Urban Electric Co.

“Steven tends to design a majority of the impact pieces in his projects; so he has been commissioning
custom lighting from us for some time now. We have always felt he was incredibly talented. In particular, we feel Steven truly understands the importance and impact of lighting within a design,
especially through the use of scale.” 

Dave Dawson
President and Founder of The Urban Electric Co.
“The fixtures have a clean aesthetic while also being timeworn in a way that 
can be used over and over in different ways to fit the spirit of the space.”
Steven Gambrel
Interior Designer and Architect


New York-based interior Designer, Steven Gambrel has partnered with The Urban Electric Co., and from the looks of things, it's a very good match. The entire collection which include an assortment of ceiling and wall designs is now available online.
The well respected lighting company has always been known to take great pride in the level of design and attention to detail required for each fixture in their collection; and the renowned architect and designer, Steven Gambrel, is the sort of man they needed for their latest project. The mid-century and American industrial influence in this line is elegant and modern - perfect for that hotel, and residential project you've been working on.

Photos courtesy The Urban Electric Co.

What I particular liked about this impressive collection is the individual designs, the scale, and of course, the attention to detail, and selected finishes that Steven uses. Light diffusion also played a key role in the design – tubular bulbs, etched rings and mirror detail allow perfect light emission without having to see the immediate source. All the ten pieces from the collection are both functional and practical.

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therelishedroost said...

I love anything Steven Gambrel, I also like his purple hued light for UECo. too, Great blog!!
The Relished Roost

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