The Dos & Don'ts of High Society

The School of Flaunt reads like a top tier handbook on the dos and don'ts for the well heeled, and those with lofty aspirations. Long time friends and business partners, Alexandra Smythe and Cate Clarke joined forces to write an insightful, and at times, humorous manual on how to get on the board of your favorite charities, belonging in the right zip code, the rewards, and sometimes misery of plastic surgery, how to avoid the pitfalls of wardrobe malfunctions, and countless of other great advice on how to take your proper place in society and make your mark while you're at it. Each chapter starts with a delightful illustration from interior designer, Joel Woodard, and ends with a short quiz which my girlfriends and I found highly entertaining. Once we finished reading the book, we couldn't wait to add our scores and see if we cut the mustard with the Divas of Good Taste.


What we found even more interesting about this manual is that after you complete your reading, Cate and Alexandra invite you to visit their website, and print your own School of Flaunt diploma. How's that for efficiency? Let me leave you with a brief insert on Lesson Eleven: Hobbies Worth your Worth "Collection Mania". I'll be interested to find out which section of the book you liked the best.
"...Continuing on to another topic for collections, let us address art. If you want original art, there are many famous artists such as Jamie Wyeth of Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, or at the other extreme Andy Warhol, but there are also fresh new faces that need to be discovered. Now how does one know where to start? This is where being on all of those charitable boards can help. Let some of your well-heeled friends know that you are interested in supporting those "new and upcoming artist" in your home town. Possibly a stipend? Then become a benefactor at your local museum and you will find out who is really going to increase in value down the road. Yes, those behind the scene dealers who help build museum collections should become your new best friends. Idle chit-chat between all can be most profitable."

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Thank you so much for sharing The School of Flaunt Handbook on your flaunt fabulous blog! And how appropriate that a picture of high tea at the St. Regis be here too! Best wishes for continued success at High End Weekly!
Richest regards,
Alexandra Smythe and Cate Clarke
Co-authors of The School of Flaunt Handbook

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