Olympics Buzz Takes Off!

Wallpaper company Graham Brown stays ahead of the curve by introducing several wallpaper designs which are inspired by the spirit of the London 2012 Summer Olympics. My personal favorite from the lot? The Double Decker Bus Paint – A vibrant red, similar to Britain’s famous double decker buses. Capturing the excitement of this dynamic city, the Londinium design features an illustrative cityscape of London’s best-known architectural landmarks, showcasing its vibrancy and ocular magnificence. I can't resist the aesthetics that make up a great design, and the Londinium collection - an exquisite graphic  design of the eternal city, certainly gets my seal of approval.

Pictured: Double Decker Bus

Fit For A Queen! 
Coronation Canvas Wall Art: Printed canvas with gold metallic foil crown 
Jubilee Rules the Waves
Jubilee Wallpaper: Elegant 1950s British fashion with a modern, light twist

Images courtesy Graham and Brown

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