Art Deco Jewels in The Modern World

I still find it hard to believe that at one point in time, jewelry was often regarded as a trivial luxury. 'Just that extra touch that completed your outfit - that's all. The right type of jewelry often makes the outfit. Especially Art Deco Jewelry. Back then as it is now, art deco jewelry truly reached the zenith of its stylishness. The details of such jewelry mimicked the fine craftsmanship often seen in the works of furniture from artists such as Ruhlmann and Dunand. I imagine that's why this style of jewelry continues to do so well today throughout the most noted auction houses, and posh antique fairs.
Platinum Art Deco bracelet consisting of approximately 11.00 carats of single cut and old European cut diamonds set with 1.01 carats natural unheated Burma ruby and 0.75 carats of calibrated rubies
David & Company

Art Deco platinum dress clips; total diamond wight approximately 7.35 carats; circa 1920s

Art Deco pieces such as the ones featured on this posts stole the stage at the 6th Annual New York 
Antique Jewelry & Watch Show
Platinum Art Deco bracelet consisting of approximately 10 carats total weight of Old European cut diamonds, set with 3 round cabochon moonstones approximately 8.50 mm in diameter 
and accented with engraving and mill grain edges.
David & Company

“Antique jewelry is back in style with interest at an all-time high from US, European and Asian buyers, antique jewelry [Art Deco] is finally being appreciated in the general jewelry market. Buyers are now open to adding these fabulous antique and estate pieces to their jewelry inventory and personal collections."
      Ronald Kawitzky
      D.K. Bressler & Company, Inc.

The luxurious items showcased at the this year's Antique Jewelry & Watch Show throughout the aisles revealed the latest trends including bold gold jewelry, large statement pieces and classic watches. Also featured this year were items ranging from all categories of jewelry such as cameos, tennis bracelets, decorative necklaces, gemstones and pendants from various time periods including the Renaissance to Art Deco eras.

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