The Weekender: The Return Of The King


"It's LACROIX, darling, LACROIX." Remember Jennifer Saunders' character Edina, and her constant refrain in Absolutely Fabulous? She was known for her wild streak as well as her desperate attempts to stay young and hip by donning the most hilarious, ostentatious clothing. And guess what?

We all loved her for that even more since his fashion was fit for her personality. I've long admired Christian Lacroix' spirit, if not necessarily his fashion, so this week, I was thrilled to receive in my mailbox an email from Robb Report about the flamboyant fashion designer and the re-opening of his left bank Parisian boutique. The interior design was hip, without being over the top, and for me that was a huge plus. In addition, I liked the gold wallpaper that was used throughout this quaint little space which once was an old printing shop. According to their creative director Sacha Walckhoff, gold is definitely in for the home this fall.

When Amanda Millin asked about incorporating gold in the home, and still making it look modern , Sacha responded "For furniture, avoid gold and grand style, and go for the ’50s and ’60s designer pieces like the ones of Jean Prouvé or Charlotte Perriand in order to add a modern touch. Then go back to gold for the little decorative objects like “One Minute Sculpture” by Marcel Wanders. It is always nice to mix gold with a fabric that looks simple. Natural beige linen, for example, or a rough cream cotton. Try our gold Voyage wallpaper (an ancient map of the south of France) with our Feria natural beige linen fabric. The Voyage wallpaper is very light and can be used anywhere."

Photos by Francis Amiand, via Robb Report

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