Remembrance of Things Past

The hyperrealist movement

We can all safely agree that art is uniquely a personal choice which creates a lot of emotions. When I first came across the works of Brooklyn-based artist Victor Rodriquez, my emotions ran high. In a good way. Victor Rodriguez' credentials in the art world has been rising for a number of years, especially because he's been highly regarded as a pioneering figure in the new hyperrealist movement.

Vader Kiss by Victor Rodriguez

Major institutions such as Art San Diego, the Museum of Contemporary, Art Flint Institute of Contemporary Arts, and Museo de Monterrey have carried his work. And now, the 40 year old artist who was born in Mexico is set to debut his latest exhibition called Black Dodecahedron at Sebastian & Barquet tomorrow, Thursday, September 6, 2012. The show will run until Friday, October 5th. S+B is located at 601 West 26th Street #300, NYC.

Ulysses by Victor Rodriguez
12 Slice Dodecahedron

Courtesy Victor Rodriguez. All rights reserved

In his latest series Victor Rodriguez repaints his pieces multiple times exploring the way our perception of memories change over time. He does this by utilizing techniques of photorealism to evoke the transformation of the past and present. Black Dodecahendron, a collection of monumental-sized paintings, strays from his former work by demonstrating a scarcity of an intense color palette and dramatic pyrotechnics by employing black geometric figures.

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