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                                                                                                      As an interior designer, I get to enter a lot of people's homes. And sometimes I'm a little surprised by what my clients' previous decoration reveals about themselves. But oftentimes, I'm even more amazed how little they know about the history of their homes. How well do you know your house? You may find this a little trivial, but did you know that about two hundred years ago, bathrooms didn't exist?

The bathroom's development has not been a straightforward one. In fact, the Tudor people had even more terrible hygiene than their medieval ancestors. The subject of bathroom is coming up on this post because that's my current task. I am now in the process of renovating a bathroom that haven't been touched since the 1960s.
I've set my sights on the natural shapes of Laufen's bathroom designs. They're beautiful, and well suited for my client's sensibility for a modern bathroom space. We've chosen their Palomba collection of bathroom fixtures which are characterized by natural and organic shapes. Whenever possible, I like to use organic design, or organic-inspired design as a smarter way to decorate a home. The smooth feel of their bathtubs is unique, in the sense that it feels like constant moving water. Palomba is complete for a perfect home spa, comprised of eight washbasins and a series of accessories, that allow me to get completely creative!

Laufen - Palomba Bathroom fixtures

The high back of the Palomba bathtub supports the body for a long relaxing soak. The collection can be found on their official website at www.Laufen.com.

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