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Lesailes Hermès
le petit h by HERMES

Another Hermès post by another blogger? Not exactly. This one is a bit different, and let me tell you why. The Internet is loaded with countless of images and posts about Hermes, the French luxury-goods house, but when it comes to Le Petit h, surprisingly enough, there simply isn't enough said about the subject.
What exactly is Le Petit h? Simply put, it is a variety of discarded and excess materials from Hermès' workshop. Since the end product didn't meet Hermès rigorous standards, these pieces aren't cast off, but have been given a second life, sort of speak, as various artists create a series of one-of-a-kind handcrafted accessories and toys ranging from leather stuffed animals, ready to wear, furniture, porcelain bracelets, bamboo and crocodile swing… Get the picture?

Hermès Fall/Winter Collection for Women

Do you see yourself lounging on this chaise? I do. I do.
If your creative mind can visualize it, most likely Hermès' team of artists can as well
Visit their website and capture this fun and hypnotic screen saver. We just did today!
Iconic: The luxury brand's bright orange boxes are often used in decoration. Have you seen their
latest ad in Marie Claire?
At work with Hermès

All images via Hermes
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