How To Mix Paint Colors Like A Pro

Donald Kaufman Color is a New York based design firm devoted to realizing the energy of architecture through paint color. A color field painter himself, and renowned innovator in the field of color + space + light, Donald Kaufman and partner Taffy Dahl, have designed custom palettes for projects all over the world, including The Getty Center and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Donald Kaufman – The Mix Master

At the start of the week, Donald Kaufman Color releases their exclusive color formulas as premixed pigments – just in time for those who love to try their hands at a couple of those “noteworthy” DIY summer projects. By unveiling their latest premixed pigments, DKC has shown how they have the edge on achieving superior color with just a few standard paint. This in turn, gives retail customers the ability to buy over 120 – yes 120 – custom hues directly from the newly re-designed Donald Kaufman Color e-commerce website.

“Donald is the best partner an architect could have. He is the rare painter who understands architecture.” — Philip Johnson, Architect

Donald’s colors are extraordinary, they have more depth, magnitude and subtlety than regular paints. What a luxury!” Mariette Himes Gomez, Interior Designer


“What this means,” says Kaufman, “is that you can buy a jar of our unique pigment mixes and simply take it to your local paint store to have it blended with a brand-name gallon of paint base. Our formulas are produced in one centralized location, and come with instructions for 1-2-3 accuracy with each jar.” Paint Pigment is available for purchase online for $49.95. Each pigment jar is intended for use with one gallon of base paint.

Donald Kaufman Color premixed pigments: Each pigment jar is intended for use with one gallon of base paint.

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