Loving Vincent, an unexpected portrait of the man who “invented” The Starry Night

Loving Vincent is a new movie which portraits Dutch artist van Gogh. It is the world’s first fully painted feature film.

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Last month, I received an invite for a film screening of the world’s first fully oil painted film called “Loving Vincent“, a new portrayal of the circumstances that surrounded the death of acclaimed Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh. Although I’m not a professional film critic (not even a novice film critic, mind you), like most of us, I’ve been going to the movies for years, and I do have my own opinions when it comes to films. Heaven knows I’ve watched enough of them.

Vincent van Gogh lived an incredibly remarkable life. According to the film, he didn’t pick up a brush until he was well into his late twenties. His life was plagued by doubts, and negative issues that stemmed from his relationship with his parents – mainly his father. How sad, because judging from his paintings, there are little doubts that he found some personal relief, and happiness while creating his art.

“An animated masterpiece! An absolutely stunning film that not only does justice to the art of Van Gogh, but also to the art of movies. I have never seen anything on a screen like it before. You will be amazed and lifted by this extraordinary film.” Pete Hammond, Deadline

The buzz about Loving Vincent has been circulating for months. And the movie has been well-received by critics from the WSJ, and the BBC. The film opens in New York on Friday, September 22, 2017.
There are those who get their history lessons from Hollywood, but forget Kirk Douglas (still alive, and seemingly healthy at 100 years old) who once portrayed Van Gogh as a crazed genius – mad as a hatter – and someone prone to unpredictable behaviors. Loving Vincent departs from that notion and moves towards a better understanding of the artist’s illness. As an art lover or someone who may be remotely interested in the artist’s life, I urge you to see this film at your local cinema. If you live in New York, make sure you catch the opening on Friday, September 22, at Lincoln Plaza Cinemas.


One of the many fun facts about Loving Vincent: A well-recognized actor from the hit cable show Game of Thrones is one of the characters from this groundbreaking film.

Jerome Patrick Flynn is an English actor and singer who is best known for his roles as Kenny “Rambo” Baines in the 1986 television film London’s Burning. He currently stars in the hit HBO Show, Game of Thrones.
‘Portrait of Armand Roulin’ played by British actor Douglas Booth in the upcoming film Loving Vincent. Out in theaters in September 22nd.

“Never has there been a film that spoke to the heart of an artist like “Loving Vincent”. Animation and fine art painting come together in this loving tribute to the work and life of a master artist.” Tony Bancroft, SIFF Animation Jury 

The innkeeper’s daughter, Adeline Ravoux played by Eleanor May Tomlinson who is an English actress, known for her roles as Princess Isabelle in Jack the Giant Slayer, and Demelza in PBS’s Masterpiece Series Poldark.


For more reviews about this ground-breaking film, visit Professor Google.

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