High End Weekly™ is a Luxury Lifestyle Blog which was created in April 2011 by New York-based interior designer, Vyna St. Phard. The publication focuses on The Best Of CULTURE | FASHION | DESIGN & ART DE VIVRE.

Vyna's readers, many of whom are from The United States, The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Ukraine, Italy, Spain, Australia, China, and Russia (to name a few), turn to HEW for the latest news about the luxury market. The blog attracts private collectors, antique dealers, affluent individuals, and design enthusiasts, whose backgrounds include art, finance, and design. Since April of 2011, the High End Weekly™ had a noticeable increase in readership, and a total of 1,000,000 + Page Views. Depending on the post(s), the daily unique page views average between 625 to 1,200 +. Vyna continues to stay committed to her audience by paying attention to their needs for the finest information that relates to her fields of expertise. Every one of her post is high-toned, and well researched. As a specialized publication, HEW is perfectly positioned to present the latest, and most talked about products, lifestyle, events, as well as keynote interviews with the fashion, art, and design industry leaders. HEW welcomes the challenge of staying on top of the art and design industries, and continues its partnerships with the luxury industry, which includes art shows, auction houses, fashion houses, galleries, high end showrooms, product designers, interior designers and architects, trade show fairs, travel and leisure, major institutions and PR firms such as Sotheby's, Christie's, Donghia, Marilyn White PR, Rubenstein, Gita PR, and others.

High End Weekly™’s agenda is to become one of the flagship Luxury Lifestyle Blog in New York. What's next? Vyna looks for an increase in the blog's subscribers by featuring exclusive interviews, and videos. She also looks forward to a high visibility in the media, art and design scenes, as she is preparing to create her own Lifestyle Events. This is an exciting time, and Vyna is pleased to have you as her reader and partner, because together we can use our brands in order to benefit the lifestyles of our clients.

In addition, High End Weekly™ is now accepting advertisements and various forms of sponsorships from luxury brands and private labels.


Vyna St Phard is a New York-based interior designer who draws her inspiration from culture, fashion, art, travel and nature. Her aesthetic style is greatly influenced by the Art Deco style and the Bauhaus movement. Vyna studied at The Parsons School of Design in 2002, and founded her design company in 2007, after working in the interior design field for a number of years. Her design philosophy lies in the belief that interiors should be more about liberty and harmony, because in the end, what counts the most is the individual person living inside their individual space. The way her clients interact and express their personalities inside the interiors, which were created with them in mind. Vyna is a supportive IIDA Member, she participated in the 2013 Spring Show NYC Salon: Insights with Visionaries in the Fields of Art & Design, while offering a designer's perspectives on fine and decorative arts. She is a frequent guest of Professor Jeff McLean from NYU, as she discusses the impact of Social Media and the Luxury Market in the 21st Century. Vyna was a participating interior designer during the inaugural of 1stDibs NYC20th Century Art + Design Fair, benefiting the Bard Graduate Institute in 2012.


Robert Doisneau - Sweet Paris

The iconic photographer and his Leica camera captured the life and people of Paris in the 1950s. 

This is the Paris we all wished we were part of.

Art Deco

One of the clearest hallmark of Art Deco is its geometry, which was largely derived from cubism. Everything from flowers to the human form became angular.

Audrey Hepburn in Givenchy 
Not only was she a Hollywood legend, mother, wife, and humanitarian, Audrey was also the most stylish woman of her time. 

SOFA New York, April 20 - 23, 2012 
The 15th anniversary will kick off on Friday, April 20th through Monday, April 23rd. The invitation-only Opening Night VIP Preview is Thursday, April 19 from 5-7 pm. 

Interviews: Meet Orianne Collins 
A few weeks ago, I sat down with Orianne Collins, as she talked to us about her passion for travel, her heart warming charity, as well as what truly 
inspires her work. 

The Decorator’s Movie Set
The architecture of the prewar upper east side apartment of Claire’s residence inspired the acclaimed designer, Thomas O’Brien, to create a haven of graciously scaled furniture, and well placed antiques. 

The Weekender: The Star Treatment 
The decor is all about precious cherry wood, a mix of natural materials, smooth dark stones and symbolic vine sculptures. 

The Weekender: Place Des Vosges, Paris
This specific charming square is right in the heart of the Marais. Place des vosges is a large quadrangle surrounded by 39 houses built on a uniform plan with brick, stone, and stucco facades. Arcade ground floors and simple dormers. 

In The Know with contributing
writer, Polly Guerin. 
Dazedly Art and Fashion Diversity in the Big Apple. Art and fashion in spellbinding proliferation adds sparkle to NYC this week with openings to dazzle your intelligence and entertain your muse. 

Bellisimo Promemoria 
The Roka chair also comes as a full-back version. It is hand sewn and takes 24 hours as well as several working days to complete. 

Young Collectors Night
The evening was co-chaired by Courtney Booth, Emily Israel Pluhar, and Stephanie Clark. The Vice Chairs were Melissa D. Berkelhammer, and Roric Tobin. http:/:www.highendweekly.com/2012/02/weekender-young-collectors-night.html

Girard Perregaux 
The Vintage 1945 Jackpot Tourbillion is an exceptional watch, destined to be worn on the wrists of a privileged few, the concentration on detail involved an intricate choice of the symbols. 

Royal Mansour Marrakech 
Ever since its official opening in June 2010, The Royal Mansour has been and is once again High End Weekly's Hotel Of The Year! The age of excess is undergoing a serious rebirth in North Africa. 

The Luxury Review - New York 
The Autentico Alacrán - Alacrán means scorpion - a Tequila from Jalisco, Mexico launched just a few months ago in the United States. Alacrán received a Silver Medal this past April... 


Jack Lenor Larsen received lifetime achievement award, and Thomas Woltz, the Thomas N. Armstrong III Award for Landscape Design
High End Weekly™ coverage on Jack Lenor Larsen and Thomas Woltz’ award ceremony at The Metropolitan Club, New York, Wednesday, April 18, 2012.

Last night, The New York School of Interior Design honored textile pioneer Jack Lenor Larsen with a Lifetime Achievement Award and noted landscape designer Thomas Woltz with the school’s first Thomas N. Armstrong III Award in Landscape Design at its 2nd annual Spring Benefit, held at The Metropolitan Club, in New York. While receiving his award, Mr Larsen humorlessly pointed out how delighted he was to be in a room which made him looked younger. Lou Gropp, long-time editor of House Beautiful Magazine and former NYSID trustee, presented Jack Lenor Larsen with the Lifetime Achievement Award. In memory of his father, Whitney Armstrong honored landscape architect Thomas Woltz with the first Thomas N. Armstrong III Award in Landscape Design. In September 2012, the school will continue their celebration of Larsen's professional achievements with a major retrospective filling their 69th Street Gallery.
To read more go to: http://www.highendweekly.com/2012/04/out-and-about-new-york-school-of.html

High End Weekly™1st Year Anniversary Event
It gives me great pleasure to share this celebration with all of my old and new friends, our sponsors: Holly at Subarashi Kudamono for the delicious cocktails, Dolores Marianeschi for the Nieto wine, Erik and Cornelia for allowing me to use their beautiful, zen-like gallery. NTDTV for their great coverage, and last but not least, my better half, Michael. During High End Weekly’s first year, I have had so many stories and experiences to tell, so when I look back, there have been a few tears and laughs, a little of expert advice, and friendly conversations. To read more go to: http://www.highendweekly.com/2012/06/here-we-go.html



Participated designer during the inaugural of 1stDibs NYC20th Century Art + Design Fair, benefiting the Bard Graduate Institute in 2012

Vyna St Phard's Interview with My Path Builder, and Cognac's Corner Magazine


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Bradford Rand President and CEO of the Luxury Review

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Raymond L. Goins Interior Designer, and Artist

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Pascale Patris The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Tom Sibley Tom Sibley Photography

"Merci, merci.... What a treat to be included in your blog. It is so very elegant."
Frederic Lazare Bourgeois Boheme


High End Weekly™ is now accepting advertisements and sponsorships from luxury brands and private labels, now that we've partnered with Christie's, Sotheby's, Girard-Perregaux, Montblanc, and other luxury brands. Ever day, hundreds of unique readers visit HEW for the latest happenings on the luxury market. By advertising on this website, you, as the client, will get your company’s message out immediately unlike traditional media where style and seasons change, before it reach the newsstands.

The blog has reached well over 1 Million people since its first year anniversary, and we currently have hundreds of affluent subscribers, and daily unique readers. You will get to reach them with your advertisements when we place your company’s logo, and message on the right side of the blog, or use your banner on the top or bottom side of the website. You create the ad, send us the jpeg, and we upload it to High End Weekly™. It is that simple. Ads vary in sizes, and contents: i.e. Text & Image, Image Only, and Text Only. For videos, please contact us directly.

  • Image and Up to 25 Words/per month
  • Size: 2”x21/2”
  • Image and Up to 25 Words/per month
  • Size 4”x2” 
  • Text Only - Up to 25 words/per month
  • Size 2”x21/2” and 4”x2”

High End Weekly™ Official Sponsor
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Please contact us directly for Advertising Rates. High End Weekly™ commits itself to editorial reviews of your products and services during the time of your advertising campaign. We also will work closely with your brand by creating various high end events in New York City. For details on our events, and to advertise on High End Weekly™, contact pr@vspdesigninc.com, or Vyna St Phard at highendweekly@vspdesigninc.com.

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