Robert Doisneau

Sweet Paris

Robert Doisneau’s photographs make me happy. Yes, they do. I have been intrigued, in fact enchanted by his work ever since I can remember. Nowadays, when I walk down the second floor corridor of our home, I take extra care as to look and examine his photographs more and more.

Admittedly, I am  smitten by his work. The image of the little girl at the bridge, gazing at the River Seine brings to mind a Paris long gone, but which I yearned to have been part of. The warmer weather is upon us, and all I can say is this: Here’s to those long lost, and lazy summer days in Paris!

Robert Doisneau, Paris

 Robert Doisneau, Bois Bouloigne

Robert Doisneau
Robert Doisneau
 Robert Doisneau, Paris
Robert Doisneau Collage
Robert Doisneau
photos via Online Browsing

Robert Doisneau, Les petits pains de Picasso, 1952
Robert Doisneau, Couples Kissing 
© Atelier Rober
Robert Doisneau
Robert Doisneau, Self-portrait, 1950s

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  1. I love the images you’ve selected!
    I totally agree with you. Makes me nostalgic about an era I would have loved to have seen with my own eyes and yet wasn’t even born then. Thanks to Robert Doisneau we get to see Paris through his eyes.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Hello from NY Addie,

    I just want to say that your portraits are gorgeous. Certainly wouldn’t mind being photographed by you. Keep up the good work!

    R. Doisneau was awesome. Really glad you love his work as much as I do.

    Do stay in touch.


  3. Dear Chris, and Silvio,

    Thank you for stopping by our blog today. I know there’s allot of talk about Robert Doisneau, as he is the subject of Google Doodle. We’re proud to hold the No.1 spot on Google for this beloved artist. I’m so pleased that you love his work as much as I do.

    And Chris,
    Thank you for bringing forward William Notman’s work. I looked at his photography and was quite taken by it.

    Best wishes,

  4. Two interesting items: Self portrait with 600 mm lens: Not one of his images seems to have resulted from this arrangement.

    Item Two: Statues with helicopters: Images are of only two helis. One is printed three times. Precedes Photoshop by how many years?

  5. Good to know that April 14th is more than just a sad reminder of the Titanic, or the sad date in 2008 when Hillary Clinton conceded to Obama, or the day before taxes due in the USA.
    Now we have these beautiful images to view thanks to Doisneau.

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  7. Lovely post and beautiful images! I’m doing a college report tonighgt on Robert Doisneau and I came across your blog.

    I agree with you about the beauty of the scene in your second photo, but I thought I should point out that the image you selected is not actually by Doisneau — though it is lovely.

    It’s by a similar French photographer: Edouard Boubat. The photo is: “Pont des Arts, Paris, France 1954” Easy mistake to make, but I thought you’d like to know. Goodnight! =)

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