Top Picks from The New York Ceramics & Glass Fair

Top Picks from The New York Ceramics & Glass Fair

The 2017 New York Ceramics and Glass Fair kicks off the art season at The Bohemian National Hall with a dazzling array of bottles, beakers, jewelry, jars, vases, and glass from 28 top-tier vetted participants from England, Europe, and the United States. Starting Thursday, Ja­nuary 19 through Sunday, the 22nd, a vast number of collectors, curators and design aficionados are set to experience a multitude of ceramics and a “profusion of other beautiful but fragile things that span 500 years—from 16th-century Venice, Italy, to 21st-century Venice, California.”











Deep into its 18th anniversary, the New York Ceramics & Glass Fair is the only exposition of its sort in the United States, bringing together the best of the best in glass, ceramics, pottery, and enamel.

Here are a few memorable highlights from the show: A Lisa Battle Sculpture, headed by a sculptress based in Rockville, Maryland. Like all of Battle’s hand-built sculptural pieces, “the artwork explores organic form and line, mimicking the curvilinear grace of natural objects. Standing almost two feet tall, the piece was fired in a noborigama wood kiln in 2011.” The ceramics and glass fair will also focus on thirty-three-year-old Michael Boroniec, an artist who resides and creates in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. Michael started making art at a youngster, and had since gravitated to ceramics because it was a medium that celebrated the oldest material known to man: the earth itself.

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