Bruce Weber’s Brand New Campaign for Versace

Gigi Hadid in the latest VERSACE Fall Winter 2016 campaign shot by Bruce Weber

Some of the most beautiful fashion imagery from Versace‘s Fall / Winter 2016 campaign came to my mailbox this Monday morning. The campaign stars top models Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss and Dilone in a series of tableaux, some real-life and some fantastical. The combination perfectly illustrates the relevance and wearability of modern Versace for all parts of one’s life, from the ultra-glamourous to the everyday.

The images were shot in Chicago and, in classic Weber style, womenswear and menswear are shown together. Some of the campaign photos reflect a take on the modern family, which is wonderfully Weber and very Versace.

The photoshoot was created by the extraordinary photographer Bruce Weber, and it reuniting the talented photographer and iconic fashion brand after 17 years.

VERSACE Fall Winter 2016. Bruce Weber

When I first spoke with Donatella about going to Chicago she said, simply, – yes, let’s pack up and go! – Donatella has always been an adventurer and not only does she treat me like a prince, she treats me like family – and the feeling is mutual. The most important thing to me, after all these year, is that we can still laugh together“. Bruce Weber

Fashion model Dilone strutting her stuff in VERSACE’s Fall Winter 2016 latest campaign. Bruce Weber

Bruce Weber is the true master of our times. His photography is deeply personal and rich, a reflection of the world as he sees it. It has been my pleasure to enter once again into that world for this Versace campaign. With this new campaign, Bruce gave me my history back“. Donatella Versace

VERSACE Fall Winter 2016. Bruce Weber
Karlie Kloss’s latest starring role in VERSACE Fall Winter 2016 campaign shot by Bruce Weber


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