Monaco’s Song Qi Restaurant – Curating Food as Art

Song Qi is a gourmet Chinese restaurant in Monaco. The establishment is well-known for its intimate surrounding. The decor is a great example between modernity, luxury and timelessness.

Much have been written about Alan Yau’s restaurant (Michelin-starred chef of Hakkasan fame) Song Qi since it opened its door in Monaco back in 2014. Yes, it is true that the establishment was named one of the best 17th restaurant in the world by Casa Vogue Brasil. Yes, it’s also true that the scrumptious Chinese gourmet food found at Song Qi is unique in the sense that it is the first of its kind to be opened in the principality.

Song Qi is the brainchild of two of the world’s top restaurateurs: Alan Yau and Riccardo Giraudi. But little has been said (until now) about how their elevated cuisine is able to transform Asian flavors, and Mediterranean products into edible works of art.

Alan Yau and Riccardo Giraudi’s artful collaboration brought to Monte-Carlo the only offer that had not yet been created: a luxurious Chinese gourmet restaurant with quality cuisine.

Song Qi was named one of the 17th best restaurant in the world by Casa Vogue Brasil.

Song Qi’s signature dishes, include their famous whole Peking duck, with homemade pancakes, cucumber and spring onion. That particular dish requires 45 minutes of preparation.
Gastronomy paradise: Once can relish in the superbly presented dishes at Michelin-star chef Alan Yau’s restaurant Song Qi.
Homemade Dim Sum, jasmine tea smoked pork ribs, mango crispy beef fillet, honey roasted char sui pork, crispy dragon shrimps are all in the menu at Song Qi.
Part of the experience of dining at this restaurant (besides savoring their delicate artful dishes), is their glamorous surrounding. The decor, sleek and luxurious, reflects the spirit of Shanghai’s golden age of the 1930’s.

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