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Fragonard Love Letter.Shady Ladies Tours Presents Scandalous Secrets of the Metropolitan

Have you heard about the latest museum tour from The Metropolitan Museum in New York? This summer, everyone is throwing shade at the museum by talking about the Shady Ladies Tours, called Scandalous Secrets of the Metropolitan. This walking tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, got in the way last Saturday, July 29 at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, and was led by Professor of Classics Andrew Lear. Professor Lear is a leading scholar on the history of sexuality and a master guide. He is the founder of Shady Ladies Tours. With a B.A. from Harvard and a Ph.D. from UCLA, Professor Lear is one of the foremost authorities on the erotic in Greek and Roman art.

What can you expect on the Scandalous Secrets tour? For one thing, you’ll be exploring the saucy hidden meanings to be found in some of the Met’s greatest works of arts. This tour will take a look at the sexual taboos of ancient Greece, how the Renaissance brought desire back into plain sight, biblical art as a source for both moral instruction and erotic imagery, and much more.

“Throughout the centuries, artists used sly suggestions and concealed codes to sneak around societal rules,” explained Professor Lear. “Many artists risked their careers by depicting scandalous themes.  Broken eggs symbolized lost virginity, lutes stood in for a man’s desires, and a lady’s slack shoulder strap suggested adultery. The Metropolitan is a treasure-house of such works. If we know how to look at them, they tell us much about sex, desire and what it means to be human.”

Scandalous Secrets of the Metropolitan tour meets on Saturdays at 3:45 PM at the feet of the statue of pharaoh Amenhemet II (the big black pharaoh statue) in the Met lobby.  For tickets visit Have fun!

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