Le Pliage® Turns 20!

Sarah Morris


When it comes to swanky, artsy parties, downtown does it better. Especially when creative types are involved. So it was no surprise that earlier this month, a group of fashionable New Yorkers gathered at the hip and trendy Affirmation Arts studio space to celebrate with Longchamp, as they collaborated with Assouline and artist Sarah Morris, to host  an evening of cocktails as the French luxury House Longchamp commemorate their 20th anniversary of Le Pliage® handbags.


Prints You Can Count On!

Sandra Nunnerley infuses her living room with this subdued, yet elegant print.

The International Print Fair
November 6 - 9, 2014

The International Fine Print Dealers Association’s Print Fair opens on November 6 - 9 at the Park Avenue Armory. This year, interior designers are incorporating prints into their clients’ interiors. “With Print Fair’s accessible price points, the new, just-starting-out collector can easily dip into the art market, and without breaking the bank,” confirms Dee Dee Eustace, a principal with Taylor Hannah Architect.


Meet Dee Dee Eustace!

Interior Designer and architect, Dee Dee Eustace

Dee Dee's rules for creating a chic gallery right inside your home? "Lighting in the gallery must light the art as well as the space. Incorporate wall sconces, but be careful because it takes up precious room for art. Add cove lighting to let the ceiling float away!" And what about your home foyer? "A foyer requires repetitious art, so save your large pieces for other rooms. Breaking up your wall space provides a rhythm and a beat to your entrance. Dance along with your art!" This past summer, I had a rare opportunity to catch up with the woman


Jeff Koons and The Art Mill

 Jeff Koons: A Retrospective at The Witney Museum of American Art

Realizing that the exhibition is nearly over, I finally got around to publish the photographs I took over the summer. The artist in question, Jeff Koons, was not a particular favorite, but I must admit that this exhibit changed my mind. 

Sort of. 

When I left the Whitney, I had a new appreciation, and respect, for Mr. Koons' obvious skills of taking the everyday objects that we utilize: toasters, sponges, vacuums, teapots, and highlighting them as objects of art. The Inflamables, are pieces of the artist's work that are well recognized and appreciated - on a global scale. And I must admit, they are fast becoming favorites of mine. Many of those pieces brought a smile to my face. And eventhough I know how banale they were, I also admired their obvious usefulness.


Briefly Speaking

Maira Kalman

"The Brief is only helpful if there is a point of view"
 John C. Jay, Global Creative Director at W+K Garage

Briefly, a film that explores the creative process through the minds of some of the World’s top design, architecture, artists and innovators: Frank Gehry, David Rockwell, John Boiler (CEO 72&Sunny), Yves Behar, John C. Jay (Global Creative Dir. W+K / W+K Garage), and Maira Kalman premiered yesterday, but you can start viewing it online today. Creative types will receive a great deal of inspiration from these innovative giants.

The documentary seeks to uncover why certain ideas resonate when so many fail; characteristics thought leaders share in their approaches; remaining inspired; why asking why matters above all else; and more. The film's goal is to inspire the public to produce better and think differently.


The Business of Chic Lifestyles

Internationally known for their exquisite volumes of lifestyle books on Fashion, Design, Travel, and Art (to name a few subjects) as well as their admired spirit and savoir-faire, Assouline, the celebrated publishing house who is celebrating their 20 year anniversary, is set to debut Assouline Interiors in the Fall of 2014. The conceptual luxury brand is well poised to feature a complete lifestyle furnishing collection for contemporary libraries and chic offices around the world. Last month, I traveled to the legendary Plaza Hotel, where their second floor bookstore has been transformed to one of the city's chicest destination, where fashionable New Yorkers, and infinite tourists can escape to the world's most vibrant cities, art and fashion spheres. The beauty of the bookstore is that, not only is it well situated, it is beautifully designed for individuals who have embraced the so called "good life". In this particular trip, I got to witness the launch of their book bags and candles.


Tennis-Inspired Images In Honor Of The US OPEN

High Tea and Tennis, what more could you ask for?

In honor of the US Open which starts today in Flushing, Queens, I've decided to revealed my continious admiration for a sport which is so dear to me, and is in fact, part of my everyday life. In tennis, love means nothing, but I absolutely love these fun art and fashion photographs!
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